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You Deserve Kindness

You Deserve Kindness is one of SAJES Courage Cards. One of my favorites also that I like to pass out to others. In these blog posts I wanted to share some encouragement with you and the story behind the inspiration of each card.

SAJES Courage Cards have my photography so if you share our courage cards online please give us credit or tag us. #sajeshomesteadart or #sajescouragecards This photo was taken in St. Croix, Virgin Islands while I visited some very good friends that live there. It was a peaceful trip and a much needed rest. This trip my friends definitely showed me kindness and loved on me BIG time. When I choose photographs to go with these phrases I try to choose the same emotion or feeling that the photo makes me feel. In this one it feels calm and I thought it was fitting.

A few years ago I was in a place that even the smallest act of kindness toward me meant so much to me. I was told a lie that if I would just go away everything would be fine. I believed that I didn't deserve kindness. I was broken at this time in my life and I needed kindness more than most. So if this is you today and you are believing those lies lets clear something up. These are LIES. And you deserve kindness, love, and don't for one second believe those LIES. I replace lies with truths. Again and again till it sticks.

We have a dialog always going in our head. So when you mess up or make a mistake take a minute and be kind to yourself. Speak kind words to yourself. Everyday reprogram that dialog to be kind to yourself. Just as you would a small child and you are patient and kind to them. You are loved my friend and you totally deserve kindness!

Remember we don't know what battles others are going through. Take time today and speak kind words of encouragement to not only yourself but others. I designed these cards so that you can remind yourself daily that you deserve kindness. You can also give someone in passing or a friend a kind word.

I decided one day when I went to our local Piggly Wiggly that I was going to pass out courage (aka SAJES courage cards) to a few cashiers. They are pretty cards so when you get one you feel super special. I went back a couple weeks later and the same cashier said I remember you. I look at it everyday. It took me a minute and then I realized she was talking about the SAJES courage card I gave her. She said it came when I really needed it. Y'all I'm gonna tell you that it took everything I had not to cry like a baby in front of this lady. I was so touched. I waited till the parking lot and then cried all the way to the car. But folks that right there is what these cards were created to do. They were created to encourage and lift others up when they needed it. Help me spread kindness to others one card at a time.

You can purchase your courage cards HERE!

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I appreciate that you are “Talking the talk and Walking the walk.” Beautiful light in my world and everyone else.

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