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Seven Second Kiss

Love Story. Who doesn't love a good love story? This is one of my love stories. I started dating this dreamy red head in July 2023 and for you that know me I have a thing for tall red heads. This fall we went to the county fair with the kids. Corey and I aren't big ride people, so we were the designated hold my drink and bag people. As we were waiting, Corey looks at me and asks me for a kiss. I gave him a peck and he said NO a real kiss. I was shy and said, in front of all these people?! He said I don't care who sees me kiss you. I said Corey, no. He said I'll give you $100 if you give me a seven second kiss. I laughed and said what? He said you heard me. Kiss me right here in front of all these people for seven seconds. Well I decided I would do it. So right there in front of the entire fair and people walking by I gave my tall redhead a seven second kiss. He smiled so big and said he was so proud of me. He has the best smile and I love making him smile. We went on about our night with the kids and they had a wonderful time.

The next day I had to go get food for the elderly lady I helped. As I opened my wallet there is a note with a $100 bill that said, "it was an amazing kiss!" I laughed so hard and immediately texted him. He said well a deal is a deal!

I'm grateful for second chances. I'm grateful for how easy it is to love my tall redhead and how easy it is for him to love me. We are incredible blessed to have found each other. This is a reminder to be intentional with your loved one each day. Life is short, so go for the seven second kiss and make some memories.

Dreams Come True... Sue

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