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NOT Replaceable

Updated: Feb 12

This is one of our SAJES Courage Cards. We wanted to share the inspiration behind these amazing little cards.

First, these photographs are from my photography (Mama Sue). If you share them please share the love and give us credit. #sajeshomesteadart #sajescouragecards

Second, these phrases are phrases that I have said to myself, to others, and have been super helpful in a healthy healing mindset. Whether you are healing, grieving, doing the daily grind, being a mom or dad, single, or a student these are for you.

I had this office job once and the manager said to me everyone is replaceable. I looked her straight in the face and said you may be able to put any butt in this seat but I am telling you right now there is only one Sue. No one will replace me. She looked a little taken back. But let me tell you she never said it again to me. Let me tell you that anyone that believes that lie is doomed. So let's do a HARD RESET here. If you ever hear that in your mind or someone else says it to you. YELL NOOOOOO!! Because let you tell you it's simply not true. There is only one you. You can reach people that no one else can reach. You are the only one that can love, inspire, encourage, nurture, and connect with people the way you do. If you are a mom, your kids have only you to be their mom. If you are a dad, there is only one that can do what you do. So you keep being you. You remember no one on this earth is like you. There is only one YOU. And you are fantastic!

BE You! - Sue

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