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Just Breathe

This is one of our SAJES Courage Cards. I love it because it is a great reminder that things are going to be ok. This photograph was taken in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, by Sue Thompson. If you share our images please give us a shout out or tag us #sajeshomestead #sajescouragecards

Let's talk about control. There is controlling people and then there is what we can control happening in our lives. When things outside of our control happen we get to choose to react or respond. Just Breathe. Sometimes things can be overwhelming and this courage card is a reminder to take a minute and Just Breathe. Ask yourself is there anything I can do to change this situation. I have found asking Is this a Me issue or another person issue helps also.

When things do not go as planned or people do things we wish they wouldn't do that is when we need to stop and Just Breathe. You get to chose who you want to be and how you respond. We can't make others be nice, do right, they get a choice also. But we do have control over our own choices.

I'm faced with situations like this in my own life on occasion. I know it can be difficult. All we can do is Breathe and focus on what we can control for our part. You are not alone and it's ok to step back and take a breather when these situations arise. It doesn't mean you are weak it just means you are wise to take a moment and reset your focus.

We hope that these courage cards and encouragement blesses you. We love feedback and would love to hear from you on how this has blessed you. Hope you have a fantastic day!

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