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Fig Jam - Tastes Like Home

In July we picked fresh figs from a friend's house that has three large fig trees. We were able to harvest over a gallon and a half figs. We are so grateful for the opportunity to do this and this family is very sweet.

I found this recipe and we added our favorite cinnamon blend and changed the pectin ratio to 2 Tbsp instead of the whole box.

The first step was cleaning and cutting the figs. I quartered the figs until I have the right amount of figs. This is what it looked liked. I like my fig jam a little chunky so I didn't mash or puree the figs. And yes I ate a few. They are so yummy.

After I did this I added my pectin, cinnamon blend, homemade vanilla extract, water, and lemon juice. I cooked that until it came to a boil. Stir constantly and don't leave it.

After the rolling boil (you can't stir out the boil) I added the 8 cups of sugar. Yes you read that right. I love this part because the jam changes color and it's so pretty. Keep stirring and wait for the next rolling boil. Let it boil like that for one minute and then take off the heat.

You can put these in jars and process accordingly with water bath or put it straight in the refrigerator. It makes a good bit so we canned ours and waited for

that blessed ding sound that says I'm sealed baby!

I had some left over that I put in the fridge and it jelled firm and beautiful. Those that I canned were a little loose but once you open them and put in the fridge I am confident it will firm up nicely. I hope you enjoy this recipe. I know my taste testers and myself loved it!

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