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I decided in 2022 that I would take a class in pottery. After my first class I was hooked. It is so peaceful and relaxing to me. Pottery is very therapeutic and so so good for you. The studio that I go to is pretty amazing. If you are an artist you will know what I mean when I say that being around artists is truly inspiring. When you ask a question or say, "what about this?", artists encourage you and say, "Oh I like that! or YES! Let's do it!" The people at the studio are like family and they are so friendly I refer to it like a church family. They really love on you and genuinely care.

I love making scoops and this year I have sold several. Let me tell you selling your pottery is pretty cool. I have made several different pieces and when they sell its so rewarding.

My big project this year I am working on is learning how to be better at throwing pieces on the pottery wheel. I am working on a functional bowl that is a herb pull as well as a garlic, ginger, or cheese mincer/ grater. Small and large bowls for different needs.

I am hoping to add pottery to our website this year also. Goals they are just so good for you all around. We do custom orders on our egg trays also.

For those of you that have a SAJES Pottery piece and love my pottery I want to thank you for your fandom and support. It truly is a wonderful thing to create something and have someone love it just as much.

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