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Pass Some Courage

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

We launched our SAJES Courage Cards in January for all the world to enjoy. We've had some people purchase and share these with others. We recently donated some to a women's ministry and they were blessed with these cards.

First weekend in May I went to our local Fairhope Friday Art Walk and took cards with me to pass out some courage. I was able to share them with a few people and even had a lady come visit me and purchase some more for her friends.

On the back of these cards is a little pep talk from me (Sue). I have found that during my own healing journey that these phrases have been what I needed to hear. I needed the reminder. These are my photos from different places I've traveled. These have been something on my heart to do and share for about three years now and I finally took the leap and did it! So far they have blessed people and been an encouragement to others. Which is so exciting!

What do you do with these courage cards? Why I'm glad you asked.

*Put them at your desk at work as a reminder of how awesome you are. Or a reminder that it's going to be ok.

*Give them to a friend that needs a good word for the day or a reminder that they totally got this!

*Leave it with your tip at restaurants. Or when you go shopping. Pass out courage to others. Sometimes a kind word means a whole lot!

*Put them on your bathroom mirror and read it daily for encouragement and little extra skip in your step. Starting the day with positive words is so important for a great day.

*Teacher gifts. Y'all these teachers are super stars and need all the love they can get.

*Put them in your wallet. For you and to share.

*Share with customers if you own a business. They are so pretty that these feel like a gift when you get them.

*Kids lunch box. It's so important to lift up our kids so they can have a great day.

*We've had people share that they used them in their bible studies also.

There are so many ways to use these and share with others. We can't wait to share them with the world and get the word out. I am working on designing and launching more courage cards this summer. There will be more encouraging phrases and beautiful photographs to enjoy and share.

Words are so powerful and can lift up or break someone down. I encourage you to be someone that lifts others up. Proverbs 18:21a Death and life are in the power of the tongue... Use your power wisely my friends.

Love, Sue

P.S. You can buy our 6 pack or buy in bulk to share.

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