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Lemon Grass

I've been researching how to preserve lemon grass. I bought a plant at the Cooper Farm and it is now taller than me. I have been making lemon grass wreaths or rings out of it. I even tried this stick method but I like the wreath because well it just looks pretty. I have froze them and I've air dried them. It's pretty simple of a process. First you need gloves because those blades are like knives and with give you nice little paper cuts. I cut the grass at the bottom and let them sit on the bench in my kitchen for a few hours. Don't let them sit for days because they get too dry. Yes I totally did that. Ok so the reason you let it sit for a couple of hours it because it makes it easier to fold into a wreath in your hands without it breaking. You just start with a piece in your hand and make a circle and then under and over with the rest. When you get to the end you weave it back through the previous loop and trim the excess. You can air dry them or you can put them in a freezer bag in the freezer. I put my dried ones in a large gallon mason jar. And yes it makes my pantry look pretty and fancy.

Possible uses are adding it to water for tea, adding it to soups for flavor, you can add it to your fire cider recipe, you can even use it to make a bug spray for yourself and animals. You can use it to put in vinegar as a cleaner. I even put some of it in the laying boxes for my chickens. It is a great all purpose plant to have.

My next project with the last of my lemon grass it to air dry it in bunches and then cut it up for a tea blend recipe I am working on.

If you know anyone that has lemon grass they usually have an abundance and will gladly share with you. Well good friends share. If you are local here I do sell the lemon grass wreaths upon request. I like to make them fresh for orders so they can enjoy the fresh smell of lemon grass.

In the spring when you are looking to add to your plants pick up a lemon grass plant for your place. They are not hard to grow and they are great for repelling mosquitoes and flies. If you have chickens this is a win win!

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