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It Really Is Good To Be Me

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Hello, I'm Sue here at SAJES Homestead. The phrase "It Really is Good To Be Me" is not mine. I have a friend, Stephen Savage, a well known photographer in our community tell me this when I asked him how he had been. He looked at me and smiled and said you know it really is good to be me. We were out shooting just when the pandemic began. We photographed businesses with signs, people social distancing before we knew exactly what that was, roads blocked to the Fairhope P,ier, and documenting what was happening at this time in our community. As we were doing our thing so many people would stop us and talk to Stephen. He really does know everyone. What he said stuck with me. "It Really Is Good To Be Me".

Photographs 2020. Fairhope, AL. Photography by Sue Ellen Thompson

So many times I have been blessed by others, I could write you a small book on just last few years of how I have been blessed. The timing of each one just when I needed it. I'm not talking about money. I am talking about a kind word, free fruit or veggies, someone thinking of me just because, a card in the mail, a phone call, someone being kind to my children. And I say to myself each time "It really is good to be me".

I love people. I mean I love them! I want to see them succeed in this life. I love cheering others on. I may become an amateur cheerleader just for the purpose of cheering others on in their dreams. (Note to self next side hustle) Recently, I met a fellow homesteader not far away and sent some business her way since I was not able to provide chicks for them on that day. The homestead was closer to the people also. She thanked me and was surprised by me sharing and sending her business. She said a lot of people don't do that because they are afraid it will take away from their business. Well I want her homestead to succeed. I want that customer to be happy chicken parents. I don't need to be greedy. Helping others is my way of giving back. So many have helped me and I want to do that for others. And you know what my Mama was right. What goes around comes around.

Homework: Take a minute to look around. Maybe your home, your kids, your special someone, your mom, the dog or chickens. Now tell yourself "It Really Is Good To Be Me" and you know what you will start to believe it and see it right before your eyes. You will find what you are looking for. That It really is good to be you!

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