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Unwashed vs Washed Eggs

We get a lot of the same questions about washed eggs vs unwashed eggs. So here's the skinny. Ready?

Chickens lay a coating on their eggs called the bloom. So when they lay the egg it looks wet but then it dries. This BLOOM protects the egg from bacteria and keeps it from going bad. That's why a chicken can lay on those eggs for 3 weeks while hatching and they don't go bad. And why you shouldn't try and incubate store bought washed eggs. When you wash the egg it washes off this bloom and you should refrigerate the eggs. Which is why we refrigerate store bought eggs.

1. How long can I leave my unwashed eggs out on the counter? Great questions. I usually recommend 2-3 weeks on the counter top. But they will last longer in the fridge.

2. If I have dirty eggs how do I wash them safely? Yes, safely. You know when you boil an egg and those air bubbles come up? Well there are tiny holes in an egg. When you wash your eggs use warm water. When you use cold water it caused the egg to draw in the bacteria on the egg inside. So always use WARM water when washing eggs. Once you wash your eggs you need to refrigerate your eggs.

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some good advice! Thank you

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