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Channel My Inner Redhead

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

For my redheaded cousins and friends please know that this is meant as a compliment. I have never been known to be a sassy lady or well in your face kinda of gal. I sometimes joke and say I need to channel my inner redhead so I can be strong and not let anyone walk over me.

I recently had a friend that I went to visit and she is a strong, beautiful, and doesn't take anything from anyone kind of gal. The kind you want on your side. I love this about her. She speaks her mind and doesn't even blink about what people think. I told her I needed to stop saying channel my inner redhead and channel her. She laughed and said well I used to be a redhead. Ha!

She and I are fairly new friends but we both know what grieving looks like and feels like. Interesting how grieving can connect you to others. If you know you know. But she encouraged me to be me. She said I like the kind and sweet Sue and not to change. Then later she said while her husband was picking on her she told him she needed to channel her inner Sue. I laughed and then it hit me that others would want to be like me. What? Like hit me upside the head. I say all the time just be you. It's special and beautiful but it hit me again that I don't need to channel my inner redhead I just need to accept me. This journey of mine has been a wild ride but I'm learning to love me. All of me. I just want to encourage you to look in the mirror and tell yourself I love you. You are doing amazing and doing the very best you can today. Keep going and keep looking forward.

I recently heard the song "I Found You" by Andy Grammer and I sing this to myself. But I say, I Found Me. I encourage you to do the same. Sing it to yourself in the car. I think you will find it encouraging.

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