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Bee Suit Day

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Here at SAJES we have bees. This is a story about the first time I wore my bee suit. I have a bee guy that is mentoring me and he has his bees here on our homestead. Well I finally got my bee jacket in and my gloves on and it was time to take a look at my bees. It had rained that morning and the bee guy said he didn't usually check them out that early in the morning and after rain but we would be quick. It was time to add more frames to the top on this particular day.

It was time and we went to work and they weren't happy. They began swarming around him and I had to take a step back and not panic. Our dog Shep was outside and just chilling back in the yard with us. We finished and then look over and because bees don't like black they went for Shep. We told Shep to run and as we were going through the woods so the bees would leave us alone my youngest daughter walks out of the house. I yell, go back inside. Well guess who goes in the house with her with bees all over him? Yup our dog Shep. I am running to the house. I get him out of the house and there are a few in the house. I'm on the porch picking bees out of Shep's fur and working quickly. Then we take him to the woods so he can go through the bushes. There were at least 30 bees on him and they were all in his fur. I had to get the bees out of the house and luckily there were only a few. It was quite a morning and felt like one of those movies where kids are running around yelling and short of someone catching on fire and running through our woods it was crazy. For those that are curious our Dog Shep is ok and no children were stung. We got Shep all healed up and better.

Some lessons in life are learned through memorable moments. On this day I will never forget my first time I wore my bee suit. Things I learned...

  1. Bees don't like black. Our dog won't be with me when doing bee work from here on out. Bees associate dark colors with predators.

  2. Bees like to sleep in and not be disturbed early in the morning.

  3. Bees get grumpy when it rains. Use a smoker.

  4. Walk through the woods and let branches brush over you till bees stop attacking you.

  5. If bees are mad enough they can sting you through your suit!

  6. Bees die when they sting you. Many bees died this day.

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1 Comment

Reminds me of the song bu John Prine, “Fish and Whistle“. glad no one was stung to death

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