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Be You! It's Beautiful

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

This SAJES Courage Card is one of my favorites. Ok ok they are all my favorite. I wanted to share with you a little about this card and it's meaning. The photograph was taken in Garfield, Kentucky and by Sue Ellen Thompson (me). If you share the photo or card please give us credit and tag us in your post. #sajeshomesteadart or #sajescouragecard We would appreciate it greatly or as they say in Tennessee, Preciate ya!

This card is very dear to me because it's something that I have learned to do for myself. There was a time that I felt I needed to hide who I was and be someone else to be accept or loved. A few years ago I let all that go and was just me. To my surprise people actually loved me for me. Crazy right?! So I embraced just being myself and allowing those that loved me in and those that weren't for me to go. It's ok if you aren't for everyone. I see people like art pieces. Not all art pieces are for everyone. One piece might speak to one person and the next person might not like it at all. That's ok. You are unique and there is only one you. You are the only one that CAN be you! So do it! It's beautiful or handsome and you are a gift to the world.

Another message on this card is to Be You and not worry about what others say. I use the PINK hair example with my children on this one. Someone says I have PINK hair. I happen to have brown hair. Now I can let it bother me and use my energy and time on trying to convince the person saying I have PINK hair that it's actually brown or I can just let it go and be me. I can tell them over and over look it's brown but they won't listen. Just because someone says something doesn't mean it's true. You will find there are some people in this world who want to bring you down. They are not your people or piece of art. Most of them have their own issues. And there is nada we can do about it. So take a deep breath, let it go, move on and BE YOU. Spend that energy and time on you, on your kiddos, on people that love you, on shining bright in this world, and let the rest go. Now I know this is easy to say and harder even to practice. You have to practice it over and over till it becomes second nature. You can do this! You are not alone my friend.

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You are beautiful … Im proud of you. Keep it up

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